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At Bountiful Buds Delights we pride ourselves on serving our community and consumers with a safe and secure experience to obtain high-quality cannabis & products. Our team operates with professionalism, compassion and knowledge of the industry, leaving our consumers feeling like part of the BBD family. Our goal is to provide Cannabis education to current and new consumers, eliminating the stigmatism that surrounds Cannabis. BBD upholds a commitment to invest in Cannabis education, especially as it relates to patient care, health and wellness.

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Excellent service and recommendations!! Super cool experiences. We went in and the vibe is very relaxing, the staff is super attentive and everything we asked we got great insights.

Larry Davis


Great shop in Soma! If you work in the area check them out. I got some Kiwi Strawberry and still had time to smoke a bowl and eat before going back to the office. Keep on blazing it.

Joan Rubin


If you looking for excellent quality bud and somewhere to medicate on-site then this is definitely the place! Incredible atmosphere and staff…guaranteed not to disappoint you!





Shonda Morton

Chief Executive Officer

A licensed Customs Broker with over 20 years of experience within customs and other government regulatory institutions for imports in the U.S., Shonda’s sole duty in this position which is regulated and empowered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), is to assist importers in meeting federal requirements of importations. These duties entail assuring all regulations that are followed according to the CFR regulations of US Customs and Border Protection along with the WTO (World Trade Organization) Harmonized Tariff Schedule classification system.

She has gained keen knowledge and understanding of practicing due diligence in regulatory compliance which includes engaging with other Partnering Government Agencies (i.e., FDA, USDA, EPA, etc.). Shonda can also contribute a BA degree in Business Management with over 10 years of managerial experience to help with growing and building the BBD brand. Also adding current enrollment in the Cannabis University Masters Certificate Program to obtain a certification in the Cannabis Industry

As an African American woman, born and raised in the heart of Newark, NJ, Shonda has experienced many hardships throughout her life with drugs and gun violence plaguing the neighborhood where she grew up as a kid. Shonda grew up on Avon Avenue, a well know area of Newark for violence and stolen cars. Shonda’s grandfather, as well as herself, have both been victims of gun violence, having been shot 5 times, leading to a loss of organs and a punctured lung. These experiences inspired Shonda to write a paper on the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana, all while working two jobs and studying for her brokerage exam. It is through Shonda’s strength, and determination that she found the ability to rise above it all and position herself in this opportunity to build a brand that will set the foundation for those to follow.

Shonda’s interest in the cannabis industry stems from experiencing firsthand the many benefits of medicinal cannabis. Her personal experience with marijuana as an alternative to manmade drugs has piqued an interest in learning more about cannabis, its benefits and the ability to give back to the community that helped her succeed.

Because of all the negative stigmatism surrounding the industry, Shonda has made it her mission to create transparent and educational resources for the local community. From a social impact standpoint, Shonda’s goal is to educate, build and help others who have gone through similar experiences to learn that the decriminalization, and education of cannabis can lead to great benefit medically, economically and socially for the community.


Shani Street

Chief Operating Officer

Shani has mastered a strong understanding of the effects of cannabis and educating others on the use of illicit substances, and alcohol. Shani attended North 13th Vocational School and graduated from Central High in Newark before enlisting in the Navy directly out of high school. Shani Street served four years as a construction electrician in the Seabee’s.  Shani was discharged from the Navy for testing positive for THC.

Shani Street now holds a license in New York State as a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor 2. Despite the prestigious position, Shani still advocates for the many medicinal benefits of cannabis. Shani believes that, with the proper education, and a quality product cultivated in a controlled and regulated environment, more health benefits will become evident and we can now join the work of removing the stigma associated with cannabis.

Shani’s sights are set on opening new employment opportunities for individuals in underserved communities and empowering them through education.


Shidenies Morton

Chief Medical Officer

Shidenies Morton, a 44-year-old African American female was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. She graduated from Malcolm X Shabazz High School in Newark, NJ. Shidenies was raised by her mother who was a single mom of three children and a high school dropout. Her mother worked very hard to ensure we did not follow that same path for our future. While we struggled to make ends meet, my mom instilled in us determination that we could become anything we wanted in life if we worked hard. She was always a go-getter and loved education. From a very early age, she knew her calling was to care for others. When her grandmother became ill, it was second nature for Shidenies to step in and take care of her After graduating high school, she went on to William Paterson college to pursue her career goal of becoming a Registered Nurse. After being in school for one year, Shidenies lost her grandfather to street violence and was forced to leave school to help at home. She started working full time to support herself, and excelled very well in the company, but she knew her end goal was to help others. Shidenies returned to school and finish with a degree as a Registered Nurse and has now been working as a registered nurse for ten years. Also, as of recently she decided to return to school and become a Nurse PR actioner. Through hard work and perseverance, Shidenies was able to overcome the adversities against her, and strive for continued growth for the future.

Shidenies’s interest in the Dispensary industry correlates wither knowledge and experience as a nurse. As a Registered Nurse for over ten years, she has gained useful knowledge BBD can stand to benefit and share to provide education to our customers regarding the safe use of cannabis products. While also ensuring the appropriate dosage for the patient’s specific treatment. She has received certification in the endocannabinoid system, cannabis therapeutics, cannabinoids, terpenoids, and potential medication interactions. This education will allow her the ability to educate all clients, specifically those clients who have multiple comorbidities and are taking multiple medications. Working as a nurse, she has encountered many people who have suffered chronic pain from musculoskeletal disorders, effects of HIV/AIDS, side effects of chemotherapy, and many more conditions. Medical marijuana is the one treatment that has helped these patients maintain their pain to try and live a normal life. It leaves a tremendous effect on you as a person knowing that the treatment the patient is receiving is not effective. By becoming a part of this industry, Shidenies will be providing an alternative treatment that have proven to be effective for many patients suffering from chronic pain.  By fulfilling my calling of helping those in need while also providing them with the education of Cannabis and the medicinal benefits will maximize my ability to help others.


Shaney Houser

Chief Marketing Officer

Shaney Houser, Chief of Marketing for Bountiful Buds Delights, is a sole native of Newark, NJ, since birth. She’s currently employed and enrolled in one of our nearby institutions for business management.  Since 2007, as a licensed real estate agent, she enjoys the simple things in life and loves to travel. She is a cancer survivor.

In 2015, she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. During chemotherapy, she decided to turn to cannabis as an aid in dealing with the unbearable effects of the chemotherapy. Cannabis became a substitute over prescription drugs. There has been a global shift in perspectives on the utility of cannabis. While cannabis has predominantly been associated with recreational and/or problematic use, the plant or its components, cannabinoids, are increasingly regarded as a viable treatment option for medical conditions, such as cancer, chronic pain, spasticity, nausea, epilepsy, and as a treatment of other conditions.

“As a cancer survivor and a partner of BBD; one of our goals is to help people who want to use cannabis as an alternative as oppose to the harmful effects of prescription drugs.”